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A visual connection to the essence of Africa
At Vida Nova Retreat, our underlying ethos is to conserve our planet. As ambassadors of nature, we have an adoration for wildlife, which we showcase through the artworks that are exhibited on our walls. These creations serve to inspire our guests to fall in love with the wonder of Africa, and connect the beholder to our culture.

We support local wherever we can, and currently feature unique wildlife artwork created by the talented Noorden impressionist artist, Sylvia de Villiers.

An avid lover of life and all its unexpected adventures, Sylvia has had quite a remarkable journey. Her visionary utilisation of colours allows her to fully express herself in her artwork, allowing both the eyes and soul to be touched by her art pieces, a form of art that evokes emotion.

She shifted her focus from realism to a more expressionistic style of art. She finds the most fascinating part of her work to be the eyes of the majestic creatures she captures, that the eyes reveal character…that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

When you gaze at her many wildlife-inspired art pieces you’ll start to notice a distinct trend in her work, that all the colours that were blended together somehow manage to naturally point you towards the most influential part of each art piece.

All of the art displayed in the hotel is for sale, with proceeds being donated to our Fire Island Conservation projects. So if you’re looking for Cape Town indoor activities, come and browse our artwork, enjoy some delicious treats from our restaurant and spoil yourself with a relaxing massage at our Disa Spa.