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Our tranquil hotel spa provides a private, serene space, offering the perfect complement to your break.

Indulge in classic and restoring treatments, for the ultimate relaxation and detoxification experience, at our exclusive haven. We proudly offer the most luxurious massage in Hout Bay.

We are open to the public, and please note that bookings are essential. 

Spa Treatments

  • Mood & Muscle Ease Jasmine Flower Massage

    Jasmine means ‘a gift from God’ and it really is, this powerful oil is a mood enhancer, anti-depressant and muscle relaxant. This massage has more deep tissue and manipulative massage movements with stretching. Ideal after exercise to rid the body of lactic acid and ease tense muscles and highly stressed people that need realigning and relaxation.

  • 30 min 350
  • 60 min 600
  • 90 min 800
  • Couples 1700
  • Hawaiian Coconut Reboot Massage

    A flowing massage using hawaiian coconut oil rich in proteins to rehydrate and repair the skin as well as offer the body a feeling of pure rejuvenation. The massages flowing movement and delightful scent will leave you floating and ending off in a reboot for your body equal to a few days holiday.

  • 30 min 350
  • 60 min 600
  • 90 min 800
  • Couples 1700
  • Arnica & Mint Deep Tissue Massage

    Using the power of arnica and peppermint oil to reduce the pain felt in the muscles this deeper massage, works firmly on the muscular system to drain lactic acid in the muscles as well as working out knots in the muscle fibers. Perfect for after exercise and to prevent and treat tension.

  • 30 min 350
  • 60 min 600
  • 90 min 800
  • Couples 1700
  • African Marula Booster Massage

    Marula oil contains 4 times more vitamin C than an orange. This massage works on your lymphatic system to help improve your immune system while infusing vitamin C into your skin with the use of this sweet and powerful oil.

  • 30 min 350
  • 60 min 600
  • 90 min 800
  • Couples 1700
  • Disa Spa Hot stone massage

    With a unique and specialised blend of oils to nourish and repair the skin in different ways, these specialised massages have a positive effect on mind and body. Leaving the skin protected, feeling soft, encouraging faster repair, relieving pain and tension from muscles as well as leaving you feeling at peace, relaxed and naturally rejuvenated.

  • 60 min 825
  • 90 min 950

    Bring your body into a healthy state of calm and balance with Spalicious uniquely designed treatments. The combination of powerful active ingredients and various therapy techniques will bring about the balance in the skin and calm in the body.

  • Self Heating Body Buff

    A luxurious and intensive 30 minute full body scrub using our award winning Mandarin & Sandalwood Self Heating Sugar Scrub. As the creamy scrub comes into contact with your skin you will feel a relaxing warming sensation which is further enhanced by adding a little water which will deliver another burst of soothing heat. With this treatment your skin will be regenerated and re-mineralized with the increase in blood circulation and removal of dead skin cells. After showering off the scrub an application of Mandarin & Sandalwood Dry Body Spritz will be applied which will leave your skin glowing and nourished.

  • 30 min 385
  • Sweet Almond Oil Scrub

    A vigorous exfoliation of the full body using aromatherapy infused Sweet almond oil, shea butter, sugar and/or Sea Salt. The aroma will carry your mind off to relaxation and rejuvenation whilst your body is exfoliated leaving a light trace of oil on the skin, resulting in nourished, repaired and silky smooth skin.

  • 30 min 385
  • Mandarin & Sandalwood Lifesaving Back Treatment

    A lifesaving back treatment with a touch of real luxury. The treatment begins with a Mandarin & Sandalwood Self Heating Sugar Scrub that heats up as it makes contact with your skin, removes dead skin cells and re-mineralizes your skin. One of our three kaolin creamy masks will be applied to the back and left to detox for any breakouts on your back as well as remineralise and hydrate an area often neglected. Whilst the mask is at work you will then receive a heavenly back of leg massage followed by a relaxing back massage, ending off with the Mandarin & Sandalwood Dry Body Spritz to nourish your skin.

  • 60 min 450
  • Anti-Stress Peppermint Body Blitz

    A full body de-stress treatment for sore and tense muscles. Centella Extract works to ease the tension in the muscles and energize the body at the same time as well as soothe the skin. The treatment begins with a full body exfoliation to speed up blood circulation and remove dead skin cells followed by a 20 minute body wrap with the Peppermint Anti-Stress Body Mask. You can then choose to have the Mandarin & Sandalwood Dry Body Spritz applied to complete the treatment or continue with a one hour full body massage, your final destination: Heaven!

  • 120 mins 1 030
  • Firming Fit Milk Chocolate Body Envelopment

    A full body treatment that will improve collagen in the skin, re-mineralize and certainly release much needed endorphins! Atlantic Kelp is what causes the firming, tightening and repairing action in the skin. The treatment begins with a full body exfoliation to speed up blood circulation and remove dead skin cells followed by a 20 minute heated body wrap with the Chocolate Firming Body Mask. You can then choose an application of our Mandarin & Sandalwood Dry Body Spritz to complete your treatment or continue your journey with a one hour full body draining and firming massage. Final Destination: Heaven!

  • 120 mins 1030
  • Detox Mandarin & Sandalwood Cocooning Retreat

    At times in our lives we need to detox and cleanse our bodies to feel renewed, this is the ultimate treatment to do just that with grapefruit seed extract to detoxify and act as a powerful anti oxidant for your skin by combatting free radicals. The treatment begins with a full body exfoliation to speed up blood circulation and remove dead skin cells followed by a 20 minute heated body wrap with the Mandarin & Sandalwood Detox Body Mask. You can then choose an application of our Mandarin & Sandalwood Dry Body Spritz to complete your treatment or highly recommended is to continue your journey with a one hour full body lymphatic drainage or detoxifying massage. Final Destination: Heaven!

  • 120 mins 1030
  • Deluxe Self Heating Experience

    Indulge in our most luxurious body-mind ritual yet as your skin is nourished, tension unravels and relaxation envelops you head to toe. Your body will be exfoliated with a heating sugar scrub leaving your skin smooth and soft. A heating myrrh clay mask is applied to the feet and back to stimulate micro circulation to bring oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. The Mandarin & Sandalwood Detox Body Mask is then applied to the rest of the body while your therapist performs a deeply relaxing head massage. This treatment is finished off with the application of our Mandarin & Sandalwood Dry Body Spritz leaving the skin with a healthy glow.

  • 60 mins 480
  • Cellulite/Light Legs Treatment

    Spalicious Cellulite treatment was developed after 5 years of intensive research and development on finding a solution to managing cellulite. First it is important to understand that cellulite is a skin disorder NOT a fat disorder so what we will correct is the skin problem of Dimpled skin that looks like an orange peel. This is not a weight loss or centimetre loss program. It works in three steps.
    Step 1: An intensive exfoliation of the skin stimulating circulation and to prep the skin for deep penetration of key active ingredients.
    Step 2: The use of hot and cold throughout the treatment to dilate and constrict blood vessels creating better lymph flow through the deeper layers of the skin causing intensive detoxification alongside the use of Sweet Fennel oil used during a vigorous massage designed to loosen the hardened fat cells and eliminate toxins.
    Step 3: An Orange & Ivy contour cream is applied to the skin with active ingredients that firm the skin by 57% and activate lipolysis in the skin.

  • 45 min 480

  • Disa Spa signature Spa treatment

    Feel ON TOP OF THE WORLD with this 2.5 hour treatment. Especially recommended for highly stressed individuals in need of intense regeneration and recharging! Together with your qualified body therapist a treatment plan tailored to your needs will be delivered. Step one is a vigorous full body exfoliation that will re-mineralize and increase blood circulation followed by a 30 minute hot spa bath with your chosen Spalicious soak powder or bath oil to relax and unwind with 2 glasses of water to keep you hydrated and begin the intense detoxifying process. The hot bath increases heart rate, lowers blood pressure and dilates blood vessels all an integral part of de stressing the body. Step three is a 15 minute kaolin body mask that best suits your specific needs applied to the body and wrapped up. Now the blood vessels constrict, blood pressure and heart rate normalize. For step four you will proceed to have a hot steam shower and finally step five, is a one hour full body massage that leaves you recharged and rejuvenated. Please drink at least 6 glasses of water during this treatment.

  • 150 min 1 500


    D STUDIO PH Formula Skin Resurfacing pamper package

  • 120 min 1 450



    Micro needling (for Dermal stimulation) This technique uses fine needles to pierce the skin in a controlled and precise pattern. These microscopic injuries stimulate the body’s natural healing process resulting in increased collagen production, improving appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation and acne scarring.

  • Face 1 300
  • Course of 5 (Save R500) 6 500

  • Face & Neck 1 700
  • Course of 5 (Save R500) 8 000


    Dermaplaning rejuvenates the skin by removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells and velus hair. Reduces fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars while leaving the skin smoothe, supple and vibrant and, prepared for skin peels and active ingedient penetration.

  • pH Formula Treatment 990
  • Add on to Facial 330


  • Developed as a dermatological skin resurfacing system, pH- formula treats skin disorders like ageing, hyperpigmentation, acne and chronic redness. pHformula is the first pharma- cosmeceutical treatment line which is the result of an innovative alliance between cosmeceutical and medical prescriptions.

  • A.G.E Resurfacing 450 – 1 100
  • M.E.L.A Resurfacing 450 – 1 250
  • C.R Resurfacing 450 – 1 200
  • Acne Skin Resurfacing 450 – 1 100
  • Add on Specialised Masks
  • Peptide peel off mask / SOS Repair mask / Hydra Jelly Mask / Advanced Peel Off Mask
  • Specialized add on’s
  • Peptide peel off mask / SOS Repair mask / Hydra Jelly Mask / Advanced Peel Off Mask
  • Nano needling 350
  • Dermaplaining 330

Hair removal/Waxing

  • Brow 130
  • Lip 100
  • Chin 90
  • Full face 250
  • Full leg 400
  • Half leg 250
  • ¾ leg 300
  • Bikini 200
  • G-String 270
  • Brazilian 400
  • Hollywood 460
  • Under arm 150
  • Back & shoulders 450
  • Back/chest 400
  • Half chest 230
  • Lash & Brow Artistry
  • Tinting:
  • Lashes 130
  • Brow 120
  • Henna:
  • Brow shape and color 340

Hands & Feet

  • Manicure 350
  • Disa spa signature Manicure 450
  • Pedicure 370
  • Disa Spa Signature Pedicure 500
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